About Me

     I am an American outdoor photographer. By American I mean the whole of the United States with a little of Canada.   If I ever get a chance to travel overseas I think I would leave my camera at home and just enjoy myself.  By outdoor I mean photography that encompasses landscapes, wildlife, and architecture usually taken in natural light.  I avoid taking people pictures, even though I am always nice enough to take family vacation shots when people ask me, and even though phone cameras annoy me greatly.

     Currently I am starting a business selling my photography in my hometown of Williamsport, Maryland.  I also will be selling my photos out of a tent at art shows, mostly in places near Washington DC where the rich people live.

     My future plans are to spend as much quality time in the sunshine before I die, and then hopefully end it all with a quick natural death - ideally by being devoured by a pack of hungry wolves.

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